What Costco Doesn't Want Customers To Know

Membership Fees are Crucial: Costco relies heavily on membership fees for profits, which constitute a significant portion of its revenue.

Limited Product Selection: While offering quality products, Costco's inventory is selective, providing a limited variety compared to other retailers.

Brand Loyalty is Key: Costco encourages brand loyalty through its private label (Kirkland Signature) and strategically positions products to drive customer allegiance.

Rotating Inventory: Costco frequently rotates its inventory, and if you miss a product, there's no guarantee it will be available on your next visit.

Impulse Buying Tactics: Costco strategically places high-demand items at the back of the store to encourage customers to explore and make additional unplanned purchases.

Pricing Mind Games: Costco's pricing strategy involves irregular price endings (e.g., .99, .97) to create a perception of discounts and savings.

High-Quality, Large Quantities: While offering deals on bulk items, some customers may struggle with perishable goods or storage challenges due to the large quantities sold at Costco.