Top 7 Newly Discovered Animals

Dumbo Octopus - Grimpoteuthis, also known as the Dumbo octopus, is a newly discovered species with a teddy-like appearance, residing in extreme depths and feeding on various sea animals.

Nano Chameleon - Brookesia Nano, a tiny chameleon species found in Madagascar, holds the title of one of the smallest male reptiles, with males measuring around 13.5mm and females 19mm in length.

Bright Orange Bat - Nimba Bats from West Africa's Nimba Mountains are recognizable by their orange fur wings, residing in caves and mining areas, emphasizing the need for habitat conservation.

Rice s Whale - Found in the Gulf of Mexico, Rice's Whales are baleen whales with distinct features, including deep nasal bone holes, and they prefer deep waters, feeding on two types of fish.

Rockstar Ant - Discovered in Ecuador's Choco Darien region, the Rockstar Ant is a minuscule insect known for its unique facial structure, found by scientist Douglas Booher.

Screaming Frog - The Crying out Tree Frog (Litoria dentata) in eastern Australia was believed to be one species, but recent research revealed three different species with distinct genetic variations.

Kukri Snake - Found in Himachal Pradesh, India, the Kukri Snake (Churah) was discovered through a photograph posted on Instagram during the COVID-19 pandemic.