Top 7 Lipstick Shades For Women With Dusky Skin

Earthy Nudes: These shades complement the warm undertones in dusky skin without washing you out. Look for mauves, browns with pink or peach hints, and caramels.

Rich Berries: Berry shades add depth and dimension to dusky skin. Opt for deeper plums, wines, and berry browns.

Bold Plums: Don't shy away from bold! Deep plums and purples with cool undertones create a dramatic and statement-making look.

Bronzed Browns: Bronzy browns with a hint of shimmer add warmth and richness to dusky complexions.

Rosy Pinks: Pink lipsticks can be tricky for darker skin tones, but the right shade can be stunning. Opt for dusty rose, rosewood, or muted pink shades.

Golden Nudes: Gold-flecked nudes add a touch of glamour and dimension to dusky skin.

Pops of Orange: For a fun and unexpected choice, try a vibrant orange lipstick with warm undertones.