These Red Flags Can Make Your House an Easy Target for Burglars

Dark House: A consistently dark house signals no one's home; use smart lights remotely for a random and authentic appearance.

Empty Driveway: Ensure a neighbor or friend occasionally parks in your driveway to create the illusion of activity.

Piled Mail and Packages: A buildup of mail or packages reveals absence; arrange for someone to collect them in your absence.

Neglected Lawn: An unkempt lawn indicates vacancy; hire help for lawn maintenance while away.

Snow-Covered Property: Unshoveled snow after a storm suggests no one is present; hire assistance and create footprints for a lived-in look.

Unattended Newspapers: Accumulated newspapers signal an unoccupied home; arrange for regular pickup during your absence.

Lack of Lawn Care After Snowstorm: Unplowed driveways and unshoveled walks post-snowfall can hint at an empty house; hire someone to maintain snow removal for an occupied appearance.