These are the top 8 unhealthiest states in America

Mississippi: Ranks consistently low in health metrics, facing challenges like high obesity rates and limited healthcare access.

Louisiana: Struggles with high rates of obesity, smoking, and cardiovascular diseases, contributing to its position as one of the unhealthiest states.

Arkansas: Faces health issues like obesity, low physical activity, and inadequate healthcare infrastructure, impacting the overall well-being of its residents.

Alabama: Grapples with a range of health problems, including high rates of heart disease, diabetes, and poor mental health indicators.

West Virginia: Known for issues like opioid addiction, obesity, and limited access to medical services, impacting the state's health outcomes negatively.

Oklahoma: Struggles with a high prevalence of obesity, lack of physical activity, and challenges in healthcare, contributing to its low health ranking.

Kentucky: Faces health challenges such as smoking-related illnesses, high obesity rates, and inadequate healthcare infrastructure.

Tennessee: Deals with health issues like obesity, smoking, and cardiovascular diseases, contributing to its lower health ranking compared to other states.