These Are the Fastest Birds in the World

Peregrine Falcon- 240 mph The peregrine falcon, the fastest-flying bird globally, reaches speeds of 200 to 240 mph in its high-speed dive, making it a deadly predator with the ability to fold its wings to reduce drag and make precise mid-air captures.

Saker Falcon- 200 mph The endangered saker falcon, patrolling open grasslands, exhibits a dive speed of up to 200 mph and a maximum flight speed of around 93 mph, earning recognition as the national bird of Mongolia and Hungary.

Golden Eagle- 200 mph The golden eagle, symbolizing size and power, achieves dive speeds approaching 150 to 200 mph, making it a formidable predator with the ability to catch prey as large as sheep or goats.

Gyrfalcon- 68 mph of Consistent Level Flight The gyrfalcon, the largest true falcon, can maintain a consistent level flight speed of 50 to 68 mph over long distances, showcasing impressive endurance and loyalty in breeding pairs.

Red-tailed Hawk- 120 mph The red-tailed hawk, known for its opportunistic hunting, can dive at speeds exceeding 120 mph, making it a formidable predator with keen eyesight and impressive talons.

White-throated Needletail- 105 mph The white-throated needletail, a large swift, is reputed to reach speeds of around 105 mph, displaying remarkable flying abilities and feeding on small flying insects.

 Eurasian Hobby- 100 mph The Eurasian hobby, a small falcon species, demonstrates exceptional mid-air control and achieves diving speeds of nearly 100 mph while hunting small bats, swallows, and even swifts.

Grey-headed Albatross- 80 mph The grey-headed albatross, spending most of its life at sea, achieves a maximum flight speed of nearly 80 mph, earning recognition from the Guinness Book of World Records as the fastest bird in level flight.