These Are the 7 Rarest Cat Colors and Patterns

This color is more commonly seen as a point-color for Persian, Siamese, and Balinese breeds, and is also a solid color found in the Oriental Shorthair,


Fawn is a rare cat color that resembles cream, but it's not precisely the same. It's classified as an uncommon "diluted coat color," signifying that it's a lighter shade than usual.


Never heard of this one? Domestic cat breeding has resulted in felines with "colorpoint" patterns, where the body of the cat is a lighter color.


Also known as "torties," cats with tortoiseshell coloring have a mixture of orange and black fur.


Chinchilla-colored cats have long, luxurious hair and large round eyes like Persian cats. Their genes create a faded look at the base of the hair.


The rosette pattern is a fusion of brown, black, and white that looks like swirling rose spots. It's a very rare cat pattern for domestic cats.


We'll conclude our list of rare cat colors with the rarest of them all: albino. This is when there's no coloring at all, and it impacts not just a cat's fur but also its eyes and skin.