These Are Going to Be the Most Popular Travel Destinations in 2024

Argentina's north offers authentic experiences with rugged landscapes, outdoor activities, and strong indigenous traditions.

British Virgin Islands (BVI) expected to become a popular Caribbean destination for Americans in 2024, with safety for solo travelers and an annual Lobster Fest on Anegada Island.

Wroclaw, Poland, predicted to gain popularity among budget-conscious travelers for its cuisine, nightlife, and gnome hunting.

Istanbul, Turkey, seen as an affordable and appealing destination with a unique cultural mix of East and West, great shopping, nightlife, and historical significance.

Costa Rica praised for biodiversity, eco-friendly initiatives, and immersive experiences, such as road trips from Monteverde's cloud forests to Tamarindo's pristine beaches.

Japan expected to draw travelers with rebounding interest in long-haul Asia trips, offering diverse cultures, impressive food, ancient temples, and world-class contemporary art.

San Andres Island, Colombia, emerges as a hidden gem with white-sand beaches, turquoise waters, and a blend of Colombian, English, and African influences.

New Orleans, Louisiana, a smaller city stepping into the spotlight for 2024, offering an authentic, local experience for travelers seeking a long weekend getaway.