These 7 Sustainable Home Technologies Will Change the Way We Live

Innovative Paints: New exterior paints from Stanford and China's Harbin Institute reflect heat and change color, improving energy efficiency in buildings.

Living Paint: University of Surrey's "living paint" traps carbon dioxide and produces oxygen, offering environmental benefits.

Self-Healing Concrete: University of Colorado researchers are developing self-healing concrete alternatives, including a version using bacteria and fungus for durability and reduced carbon footprint.

Sustainable Building Materials: Transparent wood products and materials infused with citrus peel and coconut extract are developed for improved energy efficiency and unique features.

AI Home Energy Audits: University of Cambridge's AI algorithms pinpoint energy-efficiency retrofits with 80% precision, aiding carbon emission reduction in homes.

Solid-State Electrical Components: By 2024, silicon chips with solid-state technology will enhance energy efficiency and safety in electrical components like LED lighting and outlets.

Home Battery Backup Systems: Increasingly essential, home-based battery storage systems provide grid stability and seamless backup during outages; widespread adoption predicted by 2030.