These 7 Exercises Boost Brain Health and Improve Memory

Have fun with a jigsaw puzzle

Solving a jigsaw puzzle, whether it's a 1,000-piece picture of the Eiffel Tower or 100 pieces that need to be joined to form Mickey Mouse, is a great method to develop mental muscle.

Try your hand at cards

When was your last card game? A 2015 study found that engaging in quick card games can increase brain volume in various regions, according to researchers.

Build your vocabulary

Possessing a large vocabulary might lend you an air of intelligence. But did you know that you might also make a brief vocabulary lesson into an engaging game for your brain?

Dance your heart out

Learning new dance techniques can improve memory and processing speed in the brain, according to the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control. Put another way, your brain will appreciate you if you make a move on the dance floor.

Use all your senses

For a sensory and mental workout, engage all five senses simultaneously. Bake cookies, visit a farmer's market, or try a new restaurant, focusing on smelling, touching, tasting, seeing, and hearing all at once.

Learn a new skill

Acquiring a new skill is exciting and entertaining, but it may also improve brain connections.

Listen to or play music

Furthermore, since your brain may pick up new abilities at any moment in your life, now is a fantastic time to start learning how to play music.