These 7 Dog Breeds Face The Most Health Problems

Bulldogs: Adorable, stocky builds, prone to respiratory issues, skin infections, and hip problems.

Dachshunds: "Wiener dogs," long bodies, prone to intervertebral disc disease, needs exercise and weight management.

German Shepherds: Loyal, intelligent, prone to hip dysplasia, requires regular check-ups and weight management.

Golden Retrievers: Popular, prone to hip and elbow dysplasia, heart conditions, needs regular exercise, diet, and vet care.

Beagles: Expressive eyes, playful, prone to obesity, needs balanced diet, regular exercise, and weight monitoring.

Poodles: Intelligent, hypoallergenic, prone to ear infections, regular grooming essential.

Chihuahuas: Tiny, big personalities, prone to dental issues, needs dental care and appropriate-sized toys.