The Top 8 States for Dog Lovers (Plus Who Came in Last)


Vermont secures the top spot for dogs with 62 veterinarians per 100,000 people, exceeding the state average, and ranks fourth for the highest number of dog sitters, thanks to its outdoor lifestyle.


Colorado claims the second-best spot for dogs, boasting the highest number of dog walkers per 100,000 residents, a remarkable 251.3% higher than the state average of seven, due to its abundance of outdoor activities.


Wyoming, an outdoorsy locale, ranks third with vast spaces for dogs to roam, as only 9.8 residents share every kilometer of parks and wildlife areas, significantly lower than the state average.


Despite occasional rainy weather, Oregon scores high in outdoor activities for dogs, emphasizing the resilience of dog owners in getting their pets outside.


Washington follows closely behind Oregon, excelling in the number of dog sitters with 16.73 per 100,000 residents and earning high safety scores for dog walking.


Montana, an outdoorsy state, secures the second position for access to nature, and it boasts the second-highest number of veterinarians per 100,000 residents.


Dog owners in Utah enjoy ample outdoor space, reflected in the state's high scores, and it excels in dog-walking safety, surpassing top 10 states like Montana.


Idaho claims the third position in the nature score with vast open land, but potential dog owners may face challenges finding a sitter, as it has the lowest number per 100,000 residents among the top ten states.