The Top 7 Technology Questions in the U.S.

"How to Screenshot on Mac?" - The most Googled tech-related question with 11.8M average monthly searches; press Shift, Command, and 3 for a full screenshot or Shift, Command, and 4 for a partial one.

"How to Delete Facebook?" - The second most Googled question with 9M searches; log in, go to 'Settings & Privacy,' select 'Your Facebook Information,' choose 'Deactivation and Deletion,' then opt for 'Permanently Delete Account.'

"How to Delete Instagram?" - The third most searched question with 7.1M searches; log in on the web, choose to permanently delete the account, provide a reason, re-enter your password, and click "Delete [username]."

"How to Delete Apps on iPhone?" - Ranked fourth with 3.4M searches; press and hold the app icon, tap the "X," and confirm deletion.

"How to Clean an iPhone?" - In fifth place with 2.2M searches; turn off the phone, unplug cables, gently wipe with a soft cloth, avoiding moisture in openings, and avoiding harsh cleaners.

"How to Screen Record on Windows?" - The sixth most searched question with almost 2M searches; press Windows key + G to open Xbox Game Bar, then click "Start Recording" or press Windows key + Alt + R.

"How to Scan a QR Code?" - Holds the seventh place with 1.7M searches; scan using a smartphone camera or download a QR scanner app from the app store.