The Origins of 9 Fascinating Cat Breeds

Selkirk Rex: Most new breeds are developed from the birth of just one or two exceptional kittens, as was the case in 1987 with a feral cat mother in Montana. That cat had five kittens, one of which stood out due to her thick and curly fur.

Highlander Cats: There can only be one! At least, that was the thinking that went into the creation of the Highlander back in 2004. Breeders specifically aimed to make a new domestic cat breed that had the appearance of a wild big cat.

Scottish Folds: Originally known as "lop-eared" or "lops" (like lop-eared rabbits!), all Scottish Folds are descended from a single magnificent lady feline a Scottish (obviously) white barn cat named Susie, who was discovered in 1961.

Ragamuffin Cats: You may have heard of ragdoll cats, but have you seen their "Ragamuffin" cousins? The breed first appeared in 1994 as a spin-off of the still-new ragdoll distinction, which was ultimately toughened up through crossbreeding with Persians, Himalayans, and other domestic longhaired cats.

Khao Manee: A Khao Manee, which originated in Thailand, is easily identifiable because each has one blue eye and one eye of another colour (variations of copper, yellow, and green) to contrast their gorgeous white coats.

Donskoy Cats: In 1987, a Russian professor rescued a kitten, only to see the cat lose all of her fur as she grew up. When the cat produced her first litter a few years later, some of her kittens were born absolutely hairless, while others who did have hair quickly lost it, much like their mother.

Minskin: There's nothing quite like a Minskin, a newer breed of shorties with fur just on particular areas. Minskins, the result of careful breeding between Munchkins and Sphynx, are friendly and agile despite their small stature.

Ojos Azules: It's easy to see where the Ojos Azules got their name it's Spanish for "blue eyes," which is what distinguishes this breed (in both shorthair and longhair varieties) from others. 

Minuet: Another charming shortie breed, the Minuet (previously known as the Napoleon), is the result of mixing Munchkins with another extremely unusual breed in this case, the Persian.