The One Houseplant Every Stylist Swears By

Golden Pothos: Fast-growing, lush plant with variegated heart-shaped leaves. Low-light-tolerant, needs little care. Thrives in bright indirect light.

Philodendron: Similar to pothos, heart-shaped leaves, fast-growing tendrils. Ideal for hanging baskets or urns. Check soil weekly, water when dry.

Aloe Vera: Popular succulent, requires lots of sunlight, little water needed. Known for healing gel. Mature plants can be propagated.

Peace Lily: Tropical flowering evergreen. Thrives in indirect light, warm air, and moist soil. Needs regular watering for blooms.

Snake Plant: Nearly indestructible, sword-like variegated leaves. Tolerates any amount of light. Prefers drier soil, minimal water.

ZZ Plant: Hardy, low-light tolerant, minimal care needed. Can go weeks between waterings. Shiny, waxy leaves.

Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree: Sculptural, sprawling tree with broad, wavy leaves. Requires lots of light, finicky, needs warm, humid climate.

Spider Plant: Classic with playful striped foliage. Low-maintenance, slim arching leaves. Produces cute baby plants (pups).