The Most Popular State Animals in the United States

California Grizzly Bear (California): Despite its extinction since the 1920s, the California grizzly bear remains a powerful symbol featured on the state's flag, representing strength and endurance.

White-Tailed Deer (Illinois): The graceful white-tailed deer is Illinois' state animal, admired for its beauty, agility, and ecological importance in the state's ecosystem.

Moose (Maine): Representing Maine's vast forests, the moose, the largest member of the deer family, thrives in rugged terrain and cold climates, captivating wildlife enthusiasts with its impressive stature and antlers.

North American Bison (Kansas): Kansas celebrates the North American bison as its state animal, highlighting its successful conservation story and symbolizing the wild heritage of the Great Plains.

Texas Longhorn (Texas): Texas honors the iconic Texas longhorn as its state animal, known for distinctive long horns that can extend up to 7 feet, symbolizing the history and culture of the Texas cattle industry.

The American Beaver – Oregon: Oregon’s state animal, the American beaver, is a testament to the state’s rich waterways and forests.

These animals are not just symbols on a flag or a state seal; they are integral parts of the ecosystems and cultures in their respective states