The Most Dangerous Amusement Park in the United States

Action Park  (New Jersey): Infamously known as the most dangerous amusement park in the U.S., Action Park gained notoriety for its lax safety regulations and a high number of injuries, including fractures and concussions.

History of Accidents: Action Park earned a dark reputation due to a series of accidents and incidents, partly attributed to attractions designed with minimal regard for safety standards.

Alpine Slide Concerns: The Alpine Slide, a signature ride at Action Park, particularly stood out for its numerous injuries, with riders often experiencing falls, collisions, and sometimes even derailments.

Wave Pool Dangers: The park's Wave Pool, one of the largest in the world, gained attention for its strong currents, leading to multiple drownings and near-drownings.

Rebranding Attempts: Despite efforts to rebrand and enhance safety measures, Action Park struggled to shake off its dangerous reputation, ultimately closing in the late 1990s.

Documentary Impact: The park's notoriety was further highlighted in the HBO Max documentary "Class Action Park," which detailed the unsafe conditions and numerous injuries associated with the park.

Legacy of Caution: Action Park serves as a cautionary tale in the amusement park industry, emphasizing the importance of stringent safety regulations and thorough inspections to protect visitors.