Medium-sized, hard-headed herbivores in Pandora with a mean inclination to ram; their only weakness is the breathing vents on their sides, providing valuable resources for weapons and armor.

Bonehelm Rhino

Lean and mean pack hunting predators in woodlands, hard to find but efficient in hunting arrow deer; handling them offers experience with small to medium-sized predators.

Cloaked Panther

The largest living land animal on Pandora, a massive fungus-eating beast in symbiosis with Na'vi tribes, contributing to the game's narrative and providing precious ingredients for cooking.


Pandora's equivalent of riding a horse, direhorses are essential for quick travel across upper plains, offering a unique sense of scale and a connection to the world's creatures.


Giant beasts with impressive sails on their backs, wandering alone or in herds after clearing RDA influence; hunting them yields fatty meat for cooking and tough armor for crafting.

Soundblast Colossus

A rare and beautiful cousin of the Soundblast Colossus, considered a living garden that nourishes a microecosystem; bonding with them allows harvesting resources without harming them.

Sailfin Goliath

Massive rhinoceros-looking beasts, territorial and fearsome to attack head-on, providing high-tier materials for weapons and gear as the game's difficulty increases.

Hammerhead Titanothere