The Benefits of Breath of Fire 

Relieves stress

The researchers found that by lowering sympathetic nervous system activity, rapid pranayama may promote feelings of calmness (SNS). Your stress-inducing "fight or flight" reaction is controlled by the SNS.

Supports respiratory function

This breathing method works the muscles in your lungs. Additionally, it strengthens the diaphragm, a muscle that allows air to enter your lungs.

Enhances concentration

The improvement was ascribed by the researchers to pranayama's ability to reduce stress. After all, stress can interfere with concentration.

Increases mindfulness

Additionally, according to practitioners, the activity makes you more aware of your breathing, which improves mindfulness in general.

Improves digestion

A 62-year-old man's gastroesophageal reflux problem was better managed because to this method. The report suggests that its impact on stress could be the reason for this.

Strengthens abdominal muscles

While lacking formal study support, there's credibility to the claim. The breathing method entails frequent abdominal muscle contractions, potentially enhancing their strength with consistent practice.