The 8 Best US National Parks Where You Can Actually See Wildlife

Katmai National Park: Katmai National Park & Preserve in Alaska, with 2,200 brown bears, offers prime bear viewing at Brooks Camp on the Brooks River. Best in July during salmon migration.

Rocky Mountain National Park: Abundant wildlife in Colorado includes elk, bighorn sheep, mule deer, and moose. Elk are visible during fall mating season, bighorn sheep near Sheep Lakes, and moose in Willow thickets.

Denali National Park: Alaska's Denali showcases big game like grizzlies, Dall sheep, caribou, wolves, and otters. Best viewed by bus along Denali Park Road, especially at mile 9-22, 39-45, 53, and Tolkat River to Eilson Visitor Center.

Badlands National Park: South Dakota's Badlands feature prairie dogs, bison (1,200), bighorn sheep, and diverse wildlife. Bison at Sage Creek Rim Road, bighorn sheep at Pinnacles Overlook, Cedar Pass, and prairie dogs at various locations.

Everglades National Park: Everglades hosts 200,000 alligators, diverse mammals (deer, bobcats), manatees, and 360 bird species, including Roseate Spoonbills. Shark Valley for alligators, Flamingo Marina for crocodiles.

Olympic National Park: Washington's Olympic Park offers bears, deer, elk, and diverse bird species. Coastal, forest, and meadow areas provide rich biodiversity for terrestrial mammals and marine life.

Lake Clark National Park: Inaccessible by road, Lake Clark in Alaska is a bear haven along the Cook Inlet coast, with brown bears and Dall sheep. Mulchatna Caribou Herd, moose, and bears are abundant.

Glacier National Park: Montana's Glacier Park boasts the largest grizzly population. Logan Pass, Saint Mary Valley, Many Glacier are hotspots. Mountain goats, bighorn sheep, and smaller mammals like marmots.