The 7 Worst Téquila Brands You Can Buy

Clase Azul 15th-Anniversary Edition: Second verse of the same song. The tequila in the bottle is perfectly fine, and it's a commemorative piece of art as well.

Santanera Organic Blanco Téquila Batch Inicial: The price was stated in Mexican pesos when I first came to this brand, and it appears to be much higher than 3,750 US dollars.

Sauza Silver: Sauza Silver is a mixto Téquila. Though the label states that Sauza Silver is made from fresh blue agave, nowhere on the bottle does it say 100% and that s the rub.

818 Blanco: While many celebrities have invested in their own Téquila brands and many of them receive excellent ratings, Kendall Jenner's 818 Blanco is not one of those brands.

Tres Generaciones Silver: In commemoration of the three Sauza generations who founded the brand, Tres Generaciones was unveiled on the distillery's 100th anniversary.

Hornitos Black Barrel: Even though the word "Horitos" (which means "ovens" in Spanish) refers to the old-fashioned process of removing the sugars from agave piñas, Hornitos are now made via diffusion.

El Toro Gold: In terms of promotional devices, the small red plastic sombrero cap topper is an excellent choice. The most seductive feature of El Toro Gold Tequila, nevertheless, is that.