The 7 Worst Junk Foods in America That You Should Never, Ever Eat

Pop Tarts

Pop Tarts are a popular fast breakfast item that have been around for decades. But you never should have a Pop Tart to start your day.


Although Nutella is prepared with nutritious hazelnuts, the spread is highly processed and contains a lot of sugar and oil. 


High in calories, fat, and sodium content are Doritos. They will make you feel full, but they won't provide you with much nutrition. In addition, the lab produces the artificial flavors that give Doritos their delicious flavor. 


Another food that will satisfy your hunger but provide you with no vitamins or minerals at all is Cheesy Cheetos.

Potato Chips

When craving a salty snack, potato chips might seem tempting for their crunch. However, they offer little nutritional value beyond satisfying immediate cravings.


Preservatives abound in fluffy, cream-filled cakes known as twinkies. What makes those Twinkies linger on the grocery store rack for so long, in your opinion?

Nutrigrain Bars

Despite being viewed as healthy granola bars, Nutrigrain bars contain 12 grams of sugar and surprisingly low fiber content. This may leave you feeling unsatisfied and craving more.