The 7 Weirdest Pet Toys We Could Find

Bird Basketball Toy

A miniature basketball set designed for parrots, featuring a hoop and lightweight balls to entertain feathered friends.

Stuffed Squidward Cat Toy

A Squidward stuffed animal infused with catnip, perfect for amusing cats during playtime.

DJ Deck Cat Scratcher

A unique cat scratch pad resembling a DJ deck, fulfilling feline DJ dreams without needing glue for assembly.

Tug of War Soccer Ball with Straps

A soccer ball equipped with side nylon straps and tabs for easy gripping, ideal for playing tug of war with dogs.

Small Animal Hideout House

An adorable hamster hideout featuring a climbing ladder, pastel pink slide, and wall gym for playful rodents.

Edible Catnip Bubbles

Catnip-infused bubbles for cats to chase and pop, providing entertainment during playtime.

Parrot Puzzle Bike

A handmade bird bike designed to help parrots and parakeets learn new skills while having fun, available in small and large sizes.