The 7 Healthiest Types of Alcohol to Drink

Hard Seltzers

These canned, boozy seltzers, like White Claw and Truly, often comprise sparkling water, clear liquor, and natural flavorings, offering a low-sugar alternative to mixed drinks.

Red Wine

Red wine, rich in the polyphenol resveratrol, serves as a potent antioxidant, aiding in reducing inflammation and potentially preventing chronic diseases when consumed in moderation.

Light Beer

With lower carbohydrate content, light beers provide a more digestible option compared to heavier counterparts, making them suitable for those mindful of refined carbohydrate intake.

Organic Wine and Liquor

Opting for organic wine ensures fewer pesticides and additives, promoting cleaner, healthier options that prioritize sustainability and minimal intervention in the winemaking process.

Bloody Mary

A low-sugar choice, the Bloody Mary features tomato juice, horseradish, and black pepper, offering a savory, nutrient-rich beverage often garnished with fiber-rich celery and olives.

Dry Wines

Longer fermentation results in dry wines with lower sugar content, providing a less sweet option for those looking to reduce their sugar intake.

Hard Kombucha

Combining the benefits of regular kombucha with a higher alcohol content, hard kombucha offers probiotics and plant compounds, with the option to choose lower-sugar varieties.