The 7 Best Hot Dogs in Every State

Alabama: Gus's Hot Dogs: Step back in time at Gus's, a Birmingham institution since the 1940s. Their plump franks, grilled to perfection, are piled high with their signature secret-recipe onion sauce, mustard, and sauerkraut for a messy, magnificent bite.

Alaska: International House of Hot Dogs: Try the "Frankenstein Dog," a Polish beef frank wrapped in bacon, slathered in chipotle cream, and adorned with all the fixings.

Arizona: El Güero Canelo: Tucson's vibrant street food scene explodes with flavor at El Güero Canelo, the undisputed king of Sonoran hot dogs.

Arkansas: Spradlin's Dairy Delight: Their all-beef hot dogs are nestled in steamed buns and smothered in their legendary homemade chili, a hearty concoction of ground beef, beans, and secret spices.

California: Pink's Hot Dogs: Their juicy hot dogs, available in classic or specialty styles like the "Chili Cheese All the Way," are piled high with fresh toppings like relish, onions, sauerkraut, and bacon.

Colorado: Denver Coney Island: Their natural-casing hot dogs are steamed to perfection and nestled in fluffy steamed buns, then topped with their signature Coney sauce, chopped onions, and a sprinkle of celery salt.

Connecticut: Louis' Lunch: Claiming to be the inventor of the hamburger, Louis' Lunch also takes pride in their no-frills hot dogs. These grilled wonders are served plain and simple in steamed white buns, letting the quality of the all-beef frankfurter take center stage.