The 7 Best Anniversary Gift Ideas for Your Husband

Adventure Couples Custom Print: An individualized print (on paper, of course) that makes reference to all the camping, cross-country travel, and vacation planning you two will be doing long after your first year of dating.

Bluetooth Smart Pen & Notebook Set: Do you want a more contemporary translation on paper? Try the writing set from Moleskine, which scans handwritten documents into digital files.

Acton III: A stylish and nostalgic Bluetooth speaker that eliminates the need for him to wear his AirPods while cleaning the dishes.

Snow Foam Pillow: The blessing of a sound night's sleep is unequaled.

Draftsman Auxiliary Overshirt: Every man needs a sick new jacket all the time, no matter how old they get. Your boyfriend will be satisfied with this corduroy number for a minimum of a year.

Bound Bracelet: Men are currently being pressured into wearing an absurd amount of jewelry. Get him something basic that isn't very manly or feminine. And it's composed of repurposed metal. Purchase with conscience intact.

TheraFace Mask: A pro tip is to get him Therabody's new LED skincare mask, which was awarded the coveted Esquire Gadget Award, since you'll get to use it and he'll adore it.