Netflix Film Chief Scott Stuber Will Leave to Start New Company

Scott Stuber's Departure: Scott Stuber, responsible for turning Netflix into a major movie studio, will leave in March to start his own company after serving as global film chairman until the Academy Awards.

New Venture Financing: Stuber has secured financing for his new venture, which involves producing films and TV shows independently. He will continue to produce projects for Netflix in his new role.

Netflix Movie Production Growth: Joining Netflix in 2017, Stuber expanded the streaming giant's original movie production from its early stages to becoming one of the most prolific studios, producing numerous films in multiple languages.

Hit Netflix Productions: Stuber oversaw the acquisition, development, or production of hit Netflix films such as "Bird Box," "Red Notice," and "Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery."

Netflix Film Chief Legacy: Stuber expressed gratitude for the opportunity to create a new home for original movies at Netflix, citing pride in the accomplishments and thanking Chairman Reed Hastings and Co-CEO Ted Sarandos.

Netflix's Dominance in Streaming: Despite criticism for the constant release of new titles with minimal promotion, Netflix dominates most-streamed original movies annually and earned the most Academy Award nominations in recent years.

Stuber's Strategy Clash: Stuber, a former Universal Pictures executive, occasionally clashed with Netflix leadership over the strategy for distributing movies, advocating for theatrical releases and increased marketing spend.