Lose weight without going to the gym: Simple steps to follow

Laugh more : According to research, laughing for just 10-15 minutes every day will help you burn up to 40 calories. Laughter stimulates muscles in your body to flex and expand, raising your heart rate and oxygen intake.

Park far from your destination : "Parking farther away or getting off the tube or transport a stop sooner than usual can be enough to assist introduce additional movement into your day.

Walk after meals: Instead of sitting after a meal, put on your shoes and go for a short walk. Walking after meals transfers energy from food directly to your cells, decreasing post-meal blood sugar rises and allowing you to use energy right away.

Do chores around the house: Small jobs like taking out the garbage or folding laundry make you move more frequently.

Take cold showers: Taking a cold shower is thought to activate brown fat, forcing it to burn calories in order to generate heat and regulate your body's internal temperature.

Get enough sleep: During sleep, the body goes through a process of restoration and healing. Quality sleep promotes healthy hormonal function, which reduces the probability of overeating. 

Watch Your Portion Sizes: If you've been struggling with your weight despite eating a nutritious, whole-foods-based diet, it's possible that your portion sizes are preventing you from losing weight.