Leaving These 7 Things by the Front Door Could Keep You Safe

Privacy Film: Enhance entryway privacy with decorative frosted window film, like Gila's, adding style while protecting your home's interior from prying eyes.

Old Boots: Create the illusion of someone's presence by placing a pair of slightly worn boots outside your front door, deterring potential intruders and adding a cost-effective layer of security.

Security Sign: Display realistic security yard signs, like SmartSign's, to make burglars think twice about targeting your home, even if you don't have a monitored security system.

Visible House Numbers: Improve emergency response efficiency by installing large, contrasting house numbers, such as QT House Numbers, ensuring quick identification from the street.

Fake Video Camera: Deter burglars on a budget with dummy surveillance cameras like F. Finders & Co.'s fake CCTV camera, featuring realistic details such as wires and blinking red lights.

Pocket Radio: Use an inexpensive pocket radio near the front door to create the impression of someone being home, discouraging potential intruders seeking an empty house.

Pet Rescue Decals: Ensure the safety of beloved pets during emergencies with pet rescue decals, placed on glass doors or windows, signaling to first responders the presence of animals in need of rescue.