How To Grow And Care For Dill In Your Garden

Planting Dill: Due to its long taproot, dill is best grown from seed, sown directly about 1/4-inch deep in garden beds or containers two weeks before the last expected frost.

Dill Care - Light: Dill requires a minimum of six hours of direct sunlight per day. In hot climates, it benefits from some afternoon shade.

Dill Care - Soil: Thriving in sandy soils, dill is adaptable to various soil types but requires good drainage. It doesn't favor soggy roots and doesn't need heavy feeding.

Dill Care - Water: Consistent watering is essential for dill, preventing premature bolting or going to seed.

Temperature and Humidity: Dill is surprisingly cold-hardy, enduring temperatures below freezing for short periods. In the Lower South, it may stay green throughout winter.

Long Island Mammoth: Tall dill variety, reaching over 40 inches in height.

Fernleaf: Petite dill suitable for containers, maxing out at 18 inches tall, slow to bolt, and an All-America Selections winner.