Don't make these airport mistakes

Avoid arriving at the airport at the last minute, as long lines at security checkpoints can lead to stress and potential delays.

Procrastinating Security

Double-check your flight details and gate information to prevent missing important announcements or changes.

Ignoring Flight Information

Be mindful of baggage weight limits and restrictions to avoid extra fees and ensure a smoother check-in process.


Ensure you have your passport, boarding pass, and any required visas to prevent unnecessary setbacks at check-in and security.

Forgetting Important Documents

Plan for unexpected delays by arriving early and allowing extra time between connecting flights to minimize the risk of missing connections.

Not Allowing Buffer Time

Familiarize yourself with the airport layout in advance to navigate efficiently between check-in, security, and gates, reducing the chance of getting lost.

Ignoring Terminal Layout

Wear comfortable clothing and consider the duration of layovers to make your travel experience more enjoyable and less tiring.

Neglecting Comfort