Discover the 7 Weirdest Snakes Found in the U.S.

Rubber Boas

Glossy, brownish-yellow snakes resembling rubber found in the US, with the northern species in Wyoming, Utah, Nevada, Washington, Montana, and California.

Rat Snakes

Texas rat snakes are common in the south-central US, often found near homes, displaying diverse colors, including pure white.

Arizona Black Rattlesnakes

Unique rattlesnakes in Arizona, exhibiting social behavior, sharing parenting and basking locations, with the ability to change color based on stress and feeding.

King Snakes

California king snakes, non-venomous but visually striking with diverse colors and patterns, found in California's cliffs, wetlands, and grasslands.

Blind Worm Snakes

Harmless blind worm snakes often mistaken for earthworms, adapted for burrowing, found in various parts of the world, including the US.

Rainbow Snake

A beautiful and multicolored snake resident in the southeastern US, known for its iridescent appearance, primarily found in aquatic environments.

American Queen Snake

Nonaggressive and selective eater, the American queen snake feeds mainly on freshly molted crayfish, found in temperate climates from Florida to Ontario.