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Car Features That Are More Annoying Than Useful

Rain Sensing Wipers

Despite being in cars for a long time, rain-sensing wipers are criticized for often getting it wrong and being less reliable than manual control.

Electronic Parking Brakes

The shift from traditional mechanical parking brakes to electronic ones using buttons and switches is deemed unnecessary, adding complexity and potential points of failure.

Gesture Control

The concept of gesture control in cars was intended to enhance driving experience but is criticized for being inconsistent and causing distractions, making driving more complicated.

Social Media in Cars

Car companies integrating social media and games into dashboards is seen as a distraction from safe driving, with features like TikTok and games like Angry Birds being considered unnecessary.

Mercedes Fancy Air Fresheners

Luxury air freshener systems in some Mercedes cars are viewed as an expensive extra that doesn't add essential value, with traditional air fresheners seen as more cost-effective.

Shift Indicator Lights:

Shift indicator lights in cars with manual transmissions are criticized as unnecessary clutter on the dashboard, as experienced manual drivers can rely on engine sounds and tachometers.

Oversized Touchscreens:

 Massive touchscreens in cars are seen as more trouble than they're worth, replacing easy-to-use buttons with distracting screens and posing safety hazards due to difficulties in navigation while driving.

Fake Engine Noise

Adding artificial engine noises to cars, especially in non-performance vehicles, is considered a strange trend that offers no real benefit, potentially diminishing the genuine driving experience.