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Avoid These 7 Watering Mistakes In Your Vegetable Garden

Watering the Leaves

Avoid spraying the entire plant, as it can lead to pests and diseases. Water at the base for a healthy root system.

Watering in the Heat

Refrain from watering during hot times; opt for morning watering to prevent evaporation and aid plant resilience.

Not Using a Rain Gauge

Utilize a rain gauge to measure water intake accurately, ensuring your garden receives the right amount.

Not Checking Soil Moisture

Check soil moisture by feeling it with your fingers; dry soil may indicate a need for watering, while excessive wetness suggests overwatering.

Underwatering or Overwatering

Provide moderate and consistent watering to prevent root rot (overwatering) or wilting and reduced productivity (underwatering).

Not Watering Seedlings Daily

Newly planted seedlings require daily watering for germination and establishment.

Overwatering Seedlings

Be cautious not to overwater seeds or seedlings, as it can suffocate roots and lead to root rot.