All the Wild Animals You Can See in America s National Parks

Moose: Large herbivores with fan-shaped antlers, found in northern American parks; known for interacting with formidable carnivores and found in parks like Grand Teton, Yellowstone, Isle Royale, and Denali.

American Alligator: Distinguished from crocodiles by teeth fitting into sockets; recovered from near-extinction in the 1950s to over a million today; commonly seen in Florida s Everglades National Park and southeastern America.

Olympic Marmot: Unique to Washington state s Olympic Peninsula; recognized by UNESCO; identified by distinctive whistles; famous for doubling their weight in summer for winter hibernation.

Bighorn Sheep: Recognized by large curled horns, found in Colorado's Rocky Mountain National Park; once nearly extinct due to habitat loss, overhunting, and disease; slow recovery with 300-400 individuals; males charge at 20 mph during fights.

American Bison: Declared national mammal in 2016; largest land animal in the U.S.; faced near-extinction in the 1880s due to hunting, habitat damage, and disease; around 30,000 today; spotted in parks like Yellowstone and Theodore Roosevelt.

Bald Eagle: Iconic national emblem since 1782; native to North America; nearly extinct in the 1950s due to hunting and pesticides; recovery post-1972 ban on DDT; found in many national parks.

Hawksbill Turtle: Endangered species; around 10-25 females nest off Hawaii; larger populations in Australia and the Solomon Islands; historically hunted for shells; recovery efforts post-1993 ban on the tortoiseshell trade.