9 Things Flight Attendants Want You to Know About Flying

Buckle Up Always: Flight attendants emphasize the importance of keeping seat belts on, even when sleeping, to ensure safety during unexpected turbulence or emergencies.

Hydrate, Skip Caffeine: Long-haul flights require passengers to stay hydrated. Flight attendants recommend avoiding excessive caffeine and opting for water or fruit juices to promote better sleep.

Shoes On, No Barefoot Walking: Walking barefoot in the cabin is discouraged due to potential germs and hazards like broken glass or sharp objects. Flight attendants advise wearing shoes for safety.

Carry a Pen for Customs: International travelers should have their own pen for filling out customs forms, ensuring an efficient and sanitary process during landing.

Mind Bathroom Etiquette: Simple manners apply in shared spaces. Flight attendants remind passengers to flush, wash hands, and keep the bathroom clean for a more comfortable journey.

Request Food Warming: Passengers with special dietary needs can politely ask flight attendants to warm their own meals in the onboard microwave.

Dispose of Trash Promptly: Tossing trash before landing helps flight attendants maintain cleanliness and ensures a quicker turnaround for the next flight.

Be Patient on Departure Day: Planning ahead and arriving early on departure day reduces stress, making the travel experience smoother for everyone.

Dress Comfortably and Sensibly: Flight attendants suggest wearing comfortable, easy-to-move-in clothing, considering safety and emergency scenarios during the flight.