9 Kitchen Hacks You ll Wish You Knew Sooner

Knife for Scraping Boards: Flip a knife to scrape cutting boards, avoiding the need for a bench scraper and maintaining knife sharpness.

Tongs for Citrus Juicing: Use tongs to juice lemons, limes, or oranges efficiently without a citrus press or juicer, keeping hands clean.

Plastic Bag for Piping: Utilize a plastic bag for piping frosting or filling deviled eggs instead of a pastry bag, creating controlled designs.

Pastry Blender for Chopping: Employ a pastry blender for quick chopping of garlic, mushrooms, strawberries, eggs, or avocados, replacing a garlic press or knife.

Pastry Brush for Butter Spreading: Spread butter evenly with a pastry brush instead of using cooking spray or excess butter, promoting even coating and reducing fat.

Flexible Cutting Board as Funnel: Roll a flexible cutting board into a funnel for mess-free pouring, serving as a makeshift alternative to a funnel.

Kitchen Shears for Various Tasks: Utilize kitchen shears for chopping baby food, veggies, or slicing pizza, serving as a versatile tool beyond simple cutting tasks.

Potato Peeler for Shredding: Use a potato peeler for grating chocolate or parmesan, offering a practical substitute for specialized graters or mandolins.

Coffee Filters for Food Protection: Shield outdoor snacks from bugs using coffee filters instead of plastic covers, providing a cost-effective and disposable alternative.