9 Cool Skull Makeup Ideas to Try for Halloween

Bloody Half Face Skeleton: Halloween's Celtic origin. Clever black and white makeup mix for a skeleton look.

Half Skull Makeup Look: Recreate with an angled eyeliner brush, white & black makeup. Inspired by the Halloween movie mask.

Pin Up Skeleton: Complete with black outfit, leather jacket, and boots. Use white fabric paint for bone details.

Half Face Glam Skeleton: Imperfection adds charm. Requires less effort for a scary effect.

Couples Skeleton Makeup: Unisex, his n' hers skeleton look. Macho appeal for a couple's Halloween costume.

Pop of Gold Glitter: Modernize with a pop of glitter. Adds a sparkling touch to the skeleton makeup.

Grey Skeleton Makeup + Flower Crown: Cute and creepy combination. One 'normal' eye allows for killer eye makeup.

Scary Skeleton Look: Start with a white foundation. Pile on heavy black eyeshadow for a scary effect.

White & Gold Skeleton Makeup Simple with brown and white eyeliner. Half-and-half look with a touch of glitter.