8 Things Designers Notice the First Time They Enter a Home

Importance of Lighting: Designer Vern Yip emphasizes the significance of correct lighting, stating that a well-lit room with various light sources contributes to a pleasant ambiance.

Focus on Room Layout: Designer Scot Meacham Wood prioritizes identifying layout and function issues in a client's home to offer effective solutions, especially targeting architectural errors.

Furniture Placement: Sarah Vaile of Sarah Whit Interior Design quickly evaluates and often reconfigures furniture mentally upon entering a room, expressing a dislike for sofas against large walls.

Attention to Small Accents: CeCe Barfield Thompson notes the importance of small accents like flowers, organized entryways, and easily accessible bars to make a space feel like a home.

Number of Pillows: Sarah Vaile suggests that more throw pillows on a sofa create a cozier and more aesthetically pleasing look than having only a couple.

Minimal Styling: Interior designer Eche Martinez prioritizes uncluttered spaces and minimal styling, expressing discomfort with endless tiny memorabilia gathering dust.

Book Organization: According to Frank Bostelmann, how books are organized, particularly if stacked in piles, can convey whether they are decorative props or actively read.

Importance of Well-Proportioned Trims: Bostelmann highlights the impact of investing in well-proportioned trims, crowns, and millwork casings, emphasizing their role in establishing a room's look and foundation.