8 Terraces And Rooftops for All Your Summer Fun

Outdoor Living Room Aesthetic: Transform your rooftop into a stylish indoor-outdoor living space with comfy furniture, wall art, and lighting, creating a cozy environment.

Green Screen Privacy: Enhance privacy by investing in screens, fences, and planters. Grow vines and shrubs to create a secluded garden atmosphere and block views of neighboring buildings.

Softening Elements: Make your rooftop inviting by adding brightly colored weatherproof pillows and outdoor rugs to soften the floor, encouraging a relaxed and informal atmosphere.

Curves for Garden Feel: Incorporate curves in design to mitigate the impact of hard-edged structures. Curved benches, tables, and planting beds can create a more garden-like ambiance.

Optimize Plant Growth: Establish a tranquil rooftop oasis with well-suited plants. Ensure proper soil, water, and sunlight. Use built-in planters and a drip system for optimal growth.

Tailor Design to Priorities: Design the rooftop to align with your priorities, whether it's outdoor entertaining or creating a tranquil retreat. Consider multiple seating areas with distinct purposes.

Invite Wildlife: Attract birds, bees, and butterflies by incorporating bird feeders, water sources, and plants that provide food or nesting materials. Create an urban oasis for beneficial insects.

Utilize Vertical Space: Take advantage of walls for vines, outdoor art, or living walls. Vertical features add depth without occupying floor space, enhancing the visual appeal of the rooftop.