8 Recipes That Got Us Through the Great Depression

Creamy Chipped Beef Fondue: A Christmas Eve tradition, this fondue offers a hearty appetizer with minimal effort, following my mother's lead.

Meat and Potato Patties: A WWII-era recipe for rationed meat, these patties, a childhood favorite, provide a unique alternative to regular hamburgers.

Hearty Navy Bean Soup: A cherished family favorite, this navy beans and ham soup harks back to the '30s when beans were a vital commodity.

Favorite Bread & Butter Pickles: A childhood recipe passed down, these pickles, enjoyed with anything, are loved by my children as much as I loved them growing up.

Surprise Spice Cake: Using canned tomato soup to reduce fat and enhance color and taste, this spice cake adds a surprising twist to a classic.

Spaghetti with Bacon: A birthday dinner tradition from childhood, this dish, handed down from my grandmother, holds a special place in family celebrations.

Country Fish Chowder: Evoking the flavors of Cape Cod, this wholesome chowder, customized over the years, remains a favorite of my husband.

Bacon Roll-Ups: Dating back to the 1930s, this family recipe for tasty bacon roll-ups is a proud tradition now served to loved ones.