8 Movies Every Dog Lover Needs To Stay Away From

Cujo (1983) - A once-friendly dog's descent into madness due to rabies is a terrifying tale with a heartbreaking fate.

The Fox and the Hound (1981) - The painful realization of impermanence unfolds as a cute hound dog grows up to hunt his own friend.

My Dog Skip (2000) - A plot designed to inflict maximum pain on dog owners, featuring a pre-pubescent Frankie Muniz, makes it a real downer.

Marley & Me (2008) - Even Owen Wilson can't out-goofy the tear-jerking ending in this film, leaving viewers in need of a Shop-Vac for their tears.

Best in Show (2000) - While not a tearjerker, this comedy makes you question owning a dog with its portrayal of deranged dog owners.

I Am Legend (2007) - Though not a traditional dog film, the charismatic German Shepherd's unceremonious exit adds emotional weight to the movie.

Turner & Hooch (1989) - Starring Tom Hanks, this film surprises viewers with emotional depth as it explores the bond between man and dog.

Old Yeller (1957) - A classic Disney tale, Old Yeller proves you don't need CGI for a heartbreaking story of boy-dog bonding and loss.