8 Movie Remakes That are Better Than the Original

West Side Story: A classic like West Side Story could never feel quite the same or innovative to anyone but Steven Spielberg. Inspired by Romeo and Juliet, the musical centers on the romantic relationship between.

A Star Is Born: A Star Is Born has been filmed four times, but Bradley Cooper's 2018 adaptation outperforms them all. In this adaptation, Ally, a budding artist, and alcoholic musician Jackson Maine fall in love.

Dune: The massive science fiction book Dune by Frank Herbert has proven to be challenging to adapt; David Lynch's 1984 rendition fell short in very important ways. But with his 2021 film, Arrakis, renowned.

Little Women:Little Women by Louisa May Alcott is a beloved work of American literature that has had numerous film adaptations. When it seemed there was nothing more that could be done to bring the excitement and relevance of this story back.

Pete's Dragon: Disney's live-action remakes are rarely a hit with reviewers or viewers; the original is usually the best.

Scarface: Scarface (1983), starring Al Pacino and Michelle Pfeiffer, is among the most famous crime films ever made. Because of its popularity, not many people are aware that it is a remake of the same-named 1932 movie.

The Fly: A hallmark of the genre, David Cronenberg's The Fly is a repulsive and disgusting sci-fi picture that highlights the director's well-known use of body horror.