8 Hound Dogs Make the Best Family Pets

Basset Hound

basset hounds are happy, gregarious dogs who make wonderful companions. Basset hounds are said to have started in 16th-century France as rabbit hunters.


Bloodhound is another hound dog that is elegant but drooping. This huge breed which typically weighs between 80 and 100 pounds is well-known for having an amazing sense of smell.


Families like having beagles as pets. They are so well-liked that in the US in 2022, they came in at number eight among all dog breeds. That should come as no surprise given that they are "friendly with people."

Irish Wolfhound

Given its moniker, "wolfhound," and adult weight of 130 pounds, this hound dog seems menacing at first. Irish Wolfhounds are calm, gentle giants that make excellent housepets, despite their outward appearance.

Bluetick Coonhound

The distinctive speckled blue coat of a bluetick coonhound is among the first things that will catch your attention. Its genealogy also indicates that it is blue-blooded.

American Foxhound

One of the earliest dog breeds that the American Kennel Cub saw was the American foxhound. George Washington is supposed to have bred them for the purpose of, you guessed it, hunting foxes.

Black Coonhound

American foxhounds and bloodhounds were crossed to create the black and tan coonhounds, which originated in the Southeast of the United States. As their name might suggest, they were bred to hunt.

Afghan Hound

Afghan hounds appear more groomed than hunting, they are actually hound dogs because of their fast breeding. They are regarded as one of the oldest dog breeds still in existence.


Dachshunds, often called wiener dogs, usually weigh less than twenty pounds. Even though they are primarily kept as pets these days, they were originally bred in Germany to hunt badgers.