8 Hiding Spots Burglars Always Look First

Under the mattress

The room with the most valuables will be the first place burglars will target.The master bedroom will always be an excellent place to stop.

Bedroom closet

A burglar may search every inch of your closet, including the pockets, in search of money or other valuables.

Dresser drawers

Burglars target jewelry boxes, even if hidden. They'll search dresser drawers for any container that could hold valuables like watches and jewels.

Portable safe

Your valuables should undoubtedly be kept locked up, but that won't do much if the safe isn't fixed to the wall or the floor.

Medicine cabinet

Thieves will definitely search through your medicine cabinet for prescription medications they may sell since they want to make quick money off of your possessions. 


A burglar won't go through your whole stack of fish sticks and frozen peas, but he or she will find you if you leave your valuables in an odd area, like a sock. 

Office drawers

Before storing vital documents in your workplace drawers, such as passports or birth certificates, give it some thought.