8 Gorgeous Half-Up Half-Down Hairstyles

Half-Up Half-Down Curly Pony: Achieve an easy and simple look with loose curls, applying texturizing spray for a textured finish and leaving face-framing pieces, as recommended by stylist Jacelyn Bautista.

Elegant, Braided Half-Up Half-Down: Lucy Garcia Planck suggests using Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray and a curling iron for natural waves, incorporating a braid and tying it with a small, clear, elastic rubber band for a formal or wedding-ready style.

Half-Up Half-Down With Clip: Gregorry Russell's versatile half-up half-down style involves mousse, a blowout, and Pureology Soft Finish Hairspray, creating a chic look by tying the hair with a hair tie, brushing for volume, and using a flat iron on the ends.

Boho Braids Half-Up Half-Down: Mai Hernandez recommends applying a heat protectant, creating ripple waves with Joico Rise Up Volumizing Styler, and fashioning boho braids by tying sections with a rubber band, achieving volume with texturizing finishing spray.

Sleek Half-Up Half-Down With Loose Wave: Lucy Garcia Planck suggests adding waves with a curling iron, using a textured hairspray, and creating a sleek half ponytail on top of the head, covering the elastic bands with a portion of hair.

Accessorized Half-Up Half-Down: Jacelyn Bautista recommends accessorizing with bows, pins, or scrunchies, tying the hair with a strong hair tie and adding accessories for a stylish touch.

Braided Half-Up Half-Down: Bautista simplifies braids by sectioning the hair, creating two braids on each side, tying them loosely at the back of the head, and softening the look by pulling the braids apart, enhancing hold with texturizing spray.

Half-Up Half-Down With a Bun: Achieve a super-laid-back look by prepping damp hair with detangling spray, using blowout creme, making a half ponytail, and creating a bun with an elastic or scrunchie, as suggested for a relaxed style.