8 Foods High in Iodine to Add to Your Diet


Dried nori seaweed, commonly used in sushi, offers an exceptional iodine source with up to 232 mcg per 10-gram serving.


Baked cod, a nutritious seafood option, provides 158 mcg of iodine in a three-ounce serving, meeting the daily minimum requirement.

Iodized Salt

Salt lacking added iodide should bear a statement indicating it does not supply the necessary nutrient.

Nonfat Milk

Nonfat cow's milk is a dairy-rich iodine source, offering 85 mcg in an eight-ounce serving, over half the daily requirement.

Greek Yogurt

Nonfat Greek yogurt, denser than milk, contains approximately 116 mcg of iodine per eight ounces, making it an excellent source.


Three ounces of cooked oysters contribute nearly two-thirds of the daily iodine requirement, providing up to 93 mcg.

Enriched Bread

Some bread with "iodate dough conditioner" enriches the iodine content, with a single slice containing up to 185 mcg.


Hard-boiled eggs are animal sources of iodine, offering about 26 mcg per egg.