8 Disney Movies You Totally Forgot Existed

Dinosaur: employing a combination of computer animation and live action, Dinosaur was one of Disney's first attempts at employing computer graphics.

Home on the Range: There's a reason why Home on the Range isn't often discussed while discussing Disney films.

Brother Bear: Like any other studio, Disney has produced its fair share of terrible films, but they have also created some overlooked masterpieces that are just as deserving of praise as their most well-known productions.

Strange World: Strange World was only launched in 2022, yet somehow, even with that, it has already vanished from the Disney library.

Meet the Robinsons: One of Disney's most creative and whimsical animated movies, Meet the Robinsons is based on the children's book A Day With Wilbur Robinson.

Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers: Following the well-known chipmunk duo thirty years after the conclusion of their brief but well-liked TV series, Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers is a sequel.

Tomorrowland: Brad Bird, the filmmaker of The Incredibles, directed the live-action science fiction picture Tomorrowland, which was largely inspired by the future park area of Disneyland.