8 Common Dog Myths That Are Just Not True

Dogs are colour blind: They can see colour, but have difficulty discriminating between different hues of green and red, which will typically look as greys, browns, blues, and yellows.

A dry warm nose means your dog isn't well: It's important to keep an eye out for a hot, dry nose because it can often indicate fever, dehydration, or even disorders such as dry eye.

You can't teach an old dog new tricks: This is also a myth, because dogs learn quickly. Teaching an elderly dog new tricks will take longer, but it is not impossible.

Dogs only yawn when they are tired: The yawn is a common technique for dogs to express nervousness and tension.

All dogs are good swimmers: Some people wrongly believe that all dogs are natural swimmers. While dogs enjoy being in water, not all of them are good swimmers.

Dogs need to chew on bones: When selecting a bone for your dog, always choose raw bones over home-cooked ones because they do not splinter as easily.

If a dog is wagging its tail, it means it's friendly: If a dog's body is practically still and it only shakes its tail, the animal is most likely tense and may attack you.

Dogs have clean mouths: A dog's mouth is not necessarily cleaner than a human's mouth. Our four-legged buddies enjoy exploring the world with their tongues and noses.