8 Boozy Hot Chocolate Recipes for the Ultimate Cocoa Bar

Red Wine Hot Chocolate 

There is such a thing as red wine hot chocolate, and we adore it. Here's some advice: To change the amount of sweetness in your chocolate, swap out the wine varietal you use. Choose a strawberry wine if you want something sweeter.

Kahlua Hot Chocolate

This really easy dish just requires ten minutes to prepare and uses things you most likely already have in your kitchen. Specifically, hot cocoa mix, marshmallows, milk, sugar, and Kahlua.

Hot Chocolate del Diablo 

Speaking of hot chocolate that is spicy, there's a reason this mixture is referred to as "del diablo." Here, we're not playing around: Patron Incendio tequila, which is flavored with chocolate and spicy peppers, is the perfect match for this bad boy.

Peppermint Hot Chocolate

Andes mint in a cup, this peppermint hot chocolate tastes great! It's even more enjoyable when you add Peppermint Schanapps or Kahlua.

Naughty Nice Hot Cocoa

Two types of liquor are added to this hot chocolate: first, the cocoa contains Kahlua and hazelnut liquor, and second, coconut rum is added to the eggnog marshmallows.

Orange Spiked Boozy Hot Chocolate

Grand Mariner adds just enough orange flavor to make the alcohol taste somewhat stronger.

Snow Day Sipper

This delicious delight of chocolate, coffee, and alcohol will keep you wanting more throughout the winter.

Chai Cocoa

This hot and comforting chai cocoa! The dark chocolate and spiced chai combine beautifully to provide a delightful delicacy.